Another good wfsa meeting at the Elan Valley visitors center. Click the link above to view the information on it. 

The day starts of with breathtaking views and a full English breakfast, and a quick chat to find out what everyone has been up to in there club events. 

The committee are then introduced after the signing in and the nitty gritty stuff begins.. Discussions on record fish, club events, open club results are discussed by them and much more but all the hype seems to be the world championships being held by Wales in 2018. 


Committee at work

If you have never been to a meeting and you'd like some information about what the wfsa is about check them out on there website. or just look on Facebook for us on Welsh federation of sea anglers. .

Or just find me on . 

Richard Poole Welsh fish recorder

Also if you have any fish you'd like to enter in for a record or a speciem award send them into Richard or look on site of how to claim a record properly... Don't be disappointed... Above is Richard and myself with some record catch certificates ready to be presented to the lucky lad.  

Don't be shy give us a try click on the wfsa web page 

Rob cole Welsh press officer.